St. Bruno Parish

Board Meetings


St. Bruno Parish Council


Parish Council meets 3rd Tuesday of the month

Parish Council By-Laws

The Parish Council of St. Bruno Church is a consultative body of representative parishioners who meet monthly to discuss and make recommendations in all matters of parish life related to the spiritual, educational, social, and physical aspects.  The Council consists of eight members with an equal representation of men and women.  According to the membership selection process, the pastor solicits nominations from the parish at large during the month of November.  By December nominees are notified of their selection and asked if they would like to be willing to serve a 3-year term.  In January, new members are selected from nominees by lottery.

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St. Bruno Finance Council

Finance Council meets the last Tuesday of January, April, July and October

In order to assist the pastor in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods, the Code of Canon Law requires each parish in a diocese to have a finance council (Canon #537).  In view of this, the St. Bruno Finance Council is established to advise and assist the pastor in the administration and management of parish resources and property.  The Council supervises all parish financial policies and administers all funds of the parish.  It is charged with budgetary planning, reviewing parish bookkeeping, and developing financial statements.  It approves all fund planning, construction, maintenance, and use of physical facilities of the parish, including all buildings and grounds, and makes recommendations concerning the employment of architects and contractors, the methods of their selection, and the types of physical facilities feasible and necessary within the budgetary limitations of the parish.

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St. Bruno School Board

School Board meets 2nd Tuesday of the month

The School Board is a consultative body established by the pastor to assist him and the school’s principal in the administration of the school.  The responsibilities of the School Board are to recommend an annual operating budget for St. Bruno School, to research and recommend general, educational, and financial policies that will guide the administration in achieving the objectives of the long-range plan, to participate in the evaluation and effectiveness of the administrator in implementing policy, to communicate St. Bruno School policies and decisions to the community, to insure the implementation of diocesan educational policy in St. Bruno School, and to assist in the creation of a development and public relations program for St. Bruno School.

The Board consists of 7-9 persons appointed by the pastor after selection in a lottery process.  Three members are registered parishioners of St. Bruno Church who are not the parents of a St. Bruno student; three are from the parent community; one is a representative from the community at large.  In addition, there may be a representative from other parish communities who send their children to St. Bruno School.  For further information, contact the school principal.


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